A medley of minds, a constant of kinship. Mollie Jane and The Band Milk emerged from a chance meeting in Los Angeles in 2016. Their raw sound has elements of a familiar past reminiscent of Rufus and Rufus Wainwright. The Band  released their self titled EP 'Milk.' on 4.25.19 and plan to release their full length record this year.


Hailing from their own corners of the world, Los Angeles native singer-songwriter Mollie Jane started the band with Cardiff, Wales native bassist Kit Perkins, Connecticut born drummer Ian Hubbell after recording on Jane’s self-released EP, ‘3’.  MJ and The Band Milk revolve collectively around melodies and the home of a song. While staying humble to a song and defying the rules of confining genres, the trio has the rare ability to waltz across the genre lines of indie-rock, indie-folk, R&B, contemporary Jazz & Soul.

In the fall of 2018, Jane and Milk were invited to record three of their songs at Capitol Records. Working tightly within the time offered to them, those three songs turned into six live songs, resulting in their debut self titled EP that they released in April of 2019.

During the catastrophic year of 2020, Jane put two and two together that there had been a full length conceptual record brewing for some time. She wrote the concept in her LA apartment within a week with the intention of pairing the sonic world with an hour and 3 minute animation. She pitched the world to the band in October 2020 and they went on to realize the record in 2021. Long time friend and phantom bandmate, Alec Sherrie engineered the record live in their home studio in January of 2022.

This album has been a labor of love, loss and immense imagination.  "Door To Knowhere" is a conceptual homage to grief and spirit and believing in love after deep loss. Mollie Jane and The Band Milk plan to release their debut full length live-album in November 2023 .